Mental Health problems are all too common so if you are looking for training for your own personal interest, for your staff to support others or for the wellbeing of your employees then we have a variety of options to meet your needs.

Our team are experts in mental health and wellbeing and have extensive experience in providing training for a variety of organisations. We are based in Scunthorpe town centre which has a perfect transport link. With our well-equipped training room that can comfortably house up to 20 people, we are sure we could meet any organisation’s training needs.

Also, we have a wide range of courses to choose from our list that could meet any organisation’s needs.

Adult MHFA

This 2 full day course will help you to gain valuable skills.

  • training to become a MH First Aider
  • provides an in-depth understanding of MH and the factors that affect our wellbeing
  • learn practical skills to identify triggers and signs of poor mental health
  • gain confidence to offer support to someone experiencing mental distress
  • develop/improve interpersonal skills
  • skills to guide someone to access appropriate support

MH First Aid training includes the comprehensive manual, workbook and MHFA certificate.

Adult MHFA - half a day course

  • Introduction to mental health and common issues
  • learn how to look after your own mental health and maintain your wellbeing
  • gain confidence to offer support for someone in distress

This course includes manual, manual and MHFA certificate of attendance to confirm that you are mental health aware

Mental Health awareness

One hour overview of Mental Health providing awareness of:

  • what is mental health
  • risk and protective factors of mental health
  • common mental health problems
  • how we can look after our mental health
  • support and local services

Includes a booklet and certificate of attendance.

Mental Health in the workplace

This 1 hour session provides awareness of:

  • what mental health is and the impact of poor mental health
  • what influences our mental health
  • common mental health problems
  • what is mental health at work
  • mentally healthy workplace
  • how to look after your mental health at work
  • how to seek help

Includes information booklet and certificate of attendance.


Team WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) is a two-hour session which will enable your team to:

  • identify stress factors within the workplace
  • develop a range of ‘wellness tools’ that can be used by the team to minimise the impact of stress at work
  • consider how team members can support each other to maintain wellbeing
  • recognise when your team is working well and the signs that problems may be developing
  • increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • increase mental health literacy
  • learn to communicate more effectively

This session includes a bespoke plan for your team which will be developed from the session plus certificates of attendance.


This 2 hour session will help you:

  • to understand what mindfulness is and what it is not
  • with relaxation, stress management, dealing with worries and managing negative thoughts
  • to become more mindful in your daily life
  • to try a variety of mindfulness techniques

This session will include information booklet and certificate of attendance.

Coping with Life courses

We can provide a range of courses to improve resilience and develop effective coping strategies. Each course consists of 6 two hour sessions and is based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy.

Available courses:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Loss and Significant Change
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Building assertiveness skills

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