WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Plan

WRAP stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan. It allows you to take control of the way you feel and recognise the things you can do to aid your own recovery.
WRAP works by making you more self-aware and bringing together all the techniques that you can, and may already use to improve your wellbeing.

A WRAP contains different parts, and you can choose to put as many as you like into your own plan. These are divided into a list of wellness tools, a description of how you are when you are feeling well, a daily maintenance plan, a list of negative triggers, early warning signs, signs of a decline, and a crisis plan.

Of course you could create a very effective WRAP in your own time but using our group sessions can be useful for a number of reasons: sharing experiences may give you ideas you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise and help you to replace less effective tools with better ones; meeting with others developing their WRAP allows you to support each other through the experience.

In addition to support and guidance in building your very own WRAP, our sessions include other activities such as games and quizzes. This is only a brief summary of WRAP; more information can be found on the VOICE of service users site.

Website: http://www.voiceofserviceusers.co.uk/wrap-wellness-recovery-action/

The official WRAP website: http://www.mentalhealthrecovery.com

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